Donald Trump Discusses His Future in Politics

Donald Trump Discusses His Future In Politics

( – Since his departure from the White House, former President Donald Trump’s future in the political world has sparked much debate and speculation. Now that the Democratic Party failed, once again, to convict him in an impeachment trial, he is free to do as he pleases.

On Wednesday, February 17, the former president gave an interview with Greg Kelly for Newsmax, during which the two discussed Trump’s future political aspirations. He discussed the “tremendous support” he still enjoyed within the GOP, but stated he didn’t want to say yet whether he would run for office again.

On the topic of his impeachment, Trump pointed out that his poll numbers had improved since the trial. He went on to say that his approval ratings are “through the roof”; for anyone else, he claims, impeachment would have had a negative effect.

It’s still too early to say with certainty whether Donald Trump’s name will be on election ballots in 2024. That said, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has indicated that Trump is committed to helping the Republicans take back the House and Senate. Donald Trump Jr. also spoke of his father’s plans in a Fox News “Hannity” interview, saying the former president would continue pushing the “America-First” agenda.

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