Donald Trump Cries “Witch Hunt” After Brand Entities Lose Court Battle

Donald Trump Cries

( – Two of former president Donald Trump’s companies have been found guilty of tax fraud by a New York court. Trump accused the Manhattan District Attorney of conducting a witch hunt against his organization. He’s now likely to appeal the damaging verdict.

On December 6, a Manhattan jury found two Trump Organization companies, Trump Corp and Trump payroll Corp, guilty on a combined total of 17 charges that include scheming to defraud, conspiracy, criminal tax fraud, and falsification of business records. Prosecutors alleged that the companies boosted compensation for top executives by giving them additional perks — including free apartments and high-end cars — off the books, so they weren’t valued for tax.

The prosecution’s key witness was Trump Organization executive and former Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg. In August, Weisselberg pleaded guilty to awarding himself $1.7 million of untaxed additional benefits. The Trump Organization says Weisselberg was a lone perpetrator; Weisselberg says he worked with Senior Vice President Jeffrey McConney, and the jury believed him.

Trump’s office responded to the verdict saying the case was part of “the Greatest Political Witch Hunt” in US history and that NYC is “a hard place to be a Trump.” Meanwhile, sentencing in January could see his companies hit with fines of up to $1.6 million — and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg says he’s brought in a new lead prosecutor to continue an investigation of Trump himself. New York’s witchfinders still aren’t satisfied.

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