Donald Trump ALLY Calls It Quits!

Major GOP Donor To Stop Funding Donald Trump, Support DeSantis

Major GOP Donor to Stop Funding Donald Trump, Support DeSantis

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is currently going from strength to strength in the Republican Party. His strong-willed approach to issues like vaccine mandates and sex education in schools has won him a lot of friends among the ranks of conservative voters. Now, megadonor Ken Griffin is throwing his weight behind DeSantis rather than former President Donald Trump ahead of the presidential election in 2024.

In an interview with Politico that went out on Sunday, November 6, the billionaire philanthropist explained the reasoning behind his promotion of Florida’s governor. Griffin praised some aspects of Donald Trump’s work in the White House, particularly as it related to fiscal policy. However, he said Trump “missed the mark on some important areas.”

Griffin was the biggest single donor to Governor DeSantis’s re-election campaign this year, handing over $5 million. In explaining why he would back DeSantis for the White House, Griffin cited his “tremendous record” in his recent role. Griffin made his money as an investor, and is currently the head of an investment group called Citadel.

He’s not an exclusively Republican donor and has funded Democratic campaigns and events in the past as well. However, he said his donations have leaned conservative in more recent years because of his views on fiscal policy, public safety, and education.

Do you agree with Ken Griffin’s reasons for abandoning Donald Trump and supporting Ron DeSantis?

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