Dominion Voting Files Against Donald Trump, Alleges That Tucker Carlson of Fox News “Passionately Hates” Former President

( – Following the accusations by former president Donald Trump that the 2020 presidential elections were “stolen” through voting fraud, the voting system company Dominion Voting has filed a 1.6 billion dollar defamation lawsuit against the former president. Documents from the court filing were made public on March 8. The filing launched so-called “key revelations’’ about the correspondence of the former president in the days that followed the 2020 elections, CNN reported.

The Dominion Voting systems filings accused Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson of being “a fraud” as well as claimed that Fox News media president Rupert Murdoch had rejected “conspiracy theories” about Dominion. Murdoch, however, allowed these so-called “conspiracy theories” to air on his network, sparking controversy.

The documents from Dominion Voting released a series of private text messages and other correspondence from Carlson that revealed his personal contempt for him. In the messages, dated from November 2020, Tucker revealed that, in his opinion, it was “so destructive” for Trump to attempt to snub President Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Carlson wrote that his behavior was “disgusting” and that he was “trying to look away.” In his private comments, Carlson stated that he “passionately hated” Trump, the court filings claim.

The court filings referred to an “existential crisis” within Fox News that was highlighted by the text communications The Washington Post wrote.

His private comments “sharply contrasted” his network support of conservative opinions for the 2020 election, The New York Times reported. Conservatives and prominent Republican influencers believed that Biden’s election was not reached by legal means. In a poll reported in September 2022, roughly 61% of Republicans believed that Biden had “stolen” the 2020 presidential election results, and that Donald Trump had rightfully won.

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