DOJ Forced To REMOVE Fake Trump Bashing Document

One of Documents DOJ Submitted in Trump Case Was Fake

One of Documents DOJ Submitted in Trump Case Was Fake

( – On August 8, media outlets across the United States and the world watched as FBI agents raided the Mar-a-Lago residence of former President Donald Trump, taking possession of what they alleged were classified documents. There has since been major controversy over the operation, with many Conservatives denouncing it as a political stunt. Now, it has emerged one of the documents the Department of Justice (DOJ) put on the court docket, in this case, was fake.

According to reports, a known forger who is currently incarcerated in North Carolina apparently created the bogus document. The offending file purports to be a communication from the US Treasury Department stating officials had taken possession of documents that came from the raid. It also reportedly contained a false warrant requiring CNN not to dispose of leaked tax records. The DOJ has moved to strike the entry from the docket.

This development has raised questions about the vetting procedures in place for document entries of this nature, as it appears the court clerk who received the document was easily fooled into believing it was genuine. Littered with technical linguistic errors, the filing was an obvious forgery.

The individual believed to be behind the scam is in custody following his arrest for allegedly planting a fake bomb outside a Detroit building a number of years ago. The authorities determined he was unfit to stand trial in relation to the apparent offense.

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