Dog Barking Leads to Capture of Escaped Inmate

( – This Saturday, July 15, suspected murderer and jail escapee Michael Burham was captured in Warren, Pennsylvania, thanks to the efforts of a dog. Ron Ecklund and his wife Cindy were relaxing on their back porch on Saturday afternoon when their dog Tucker started going berserk. Tucker, a chocolate Labrador, began running along by the river that goes by their property and wouldn’t respond to the Ecklunds calling for him to come back. They went to investigate which is when they saw a man sitting by the river.

The man didn’t say much and claimed he was there camping by the river. However, the Ecklunds became scared after they realized he was an escaped convict they had seen on the news. The Ecklund rushed back to their residence and called police, demanding they show up as soon as possible. When police arrived, Burham was not by the river, having walked away rapidly as soon as the couple suspected him. However after combing the area for about two hours, police caught Burham in the forest.

Tucker is being hailed as a hero in local news reports and by the Ecklunds after catching the escaped fugitive. Burham had tied his sheets together to escape his jail cell in Warren County, Pennsylvania on July 6. He used the sheets to make a basic rope and crawled out of the jail’s exercise yard late at night. Burham had been on the run for nine days when Tucker caught up him at the edge of the Ecklund property, leading to his confrontation with the couple and later arrest in the forest.

Burham, who is 34, is the primary suspect in the May 11 homicide of Kala Hodgkin in upstate New York. He followed up this alleged crime by also reportedly carjacking and kidnapping two people afterwards and not being caught until May 24 in South Carolina before being relocated up to Warren County. He’s now back in jail awaiting further charges.

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