Disney Under Fire for Removal of Gina Carano

Disney Under Fire for Removal of Gina Carano

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Cancel culture has targeted many public figures over the last few years; some fairly, others not so much. The latest victim of the unforgiving glare of the social media mob was “The Mandalorian” actor Gina Carano, who Lucasfilm (a Disney subsidiary) fired on Wednesday, February 10.

Carano lost her job over an Instagram post in which a screenshot missive compared the treatment of modern-day American Conservatives to that of Jews before and during the Holocaust. She had also courted online controversy in the past; last September, for example, she added “beep/bop/boop” to her Twitter bio, allegedly mocking those who publish their preferred pronouns.

Her posts may have been distasteful, but did they warrant dismissal? Twitter certainly didn’t seem to think so. Users quickly pointed out Disney’s hypocrisy in firing her, given their lack of concern about human rights issues in other contexts. Stephen Miller highlighted the company’s cosy relationship with the totalitarian Chinese regime with the below tweet.

The debate about cancel culture is closely linked to the controversy around Big Tech censorship. Carano’s posts may have been offensive, but we should not rely on profiteering mega-corporations to decide what does and does not constitute acceptable speech.

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