Disney CEO Responds To Florida Government Probe

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Disney CEO Bob Iger has “ripped” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and called his probe of the Walt Disney Company, “anti-business,” CNBC reported. The probe came as DeSantis called on the Florida Inspector General to investigate whether an agreement signed between the former board of the Reedy Creek Improvement District development zone and the Walt Disney Company, which essentially stripped the new Florida government-appointed board of power, could stand.

As the Florida state government-appointed board had prepared to take jurisdiction over Reedy Creek, Disney entered into a development contract with the former board and signed it in perpetuity using the royal lives clause. The clause measures the length of the contract against the lives of British Monarch King Charles III and his descendants. The Disney contract is written to last “in perpetuity” or “until 21 years after the death of the last descendant” of King Charles III, CNBC reported. King Charles has five grandchildren, ranging in age from nine years old to one year old at the time of this report.

Reportedly, in statements made during the Disney stakeholders meeting on April 3, Iger reportedly stated that DeSantis got “very angry” about the position that Disney took in response to his appointed board, and, in Iger’s view, DeSantis’ probe came as a “retaliation” to Disney’s actions.

Disney’s contract agreement actions and DeSantis’ recent probe are part of an ongoing feud between The Walt Disney Company and DeSantis. DeSantis has made limitations of “woke” political activism in Florida public spaces a cornerstone of his recent Florida State policy. DeSantis and Disney’s feud reportedly stems from Disney’s response to the DeSantis’ Parental Rights In Education Bill, known by its opponents as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. DeSantis signed the bill in March, NPR News reported.

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