DeSantis’ Supporting PAC Offers To Pay for Trump To Move to California

( – The “Never Back Down PAC,” a PAC associated with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has offered to pay former President Donald Trump to move to “his beloved California,” Florida News Channel 8 reported. The Never Back Down PAC offered to pay for Trump’s relocation costs after they claimed that Trump had “disparaged” the state of Florida through his comments about the Governor.

Since announcing his Presidential 2024 reelection campaign, Trump has been vocally critical of DeSantis. His campaign has likewise been aggressive, publishing a “pudding fingers” campaign that uses a video of a person eating pudding with their fingers as a derogatory illustration of DeSantis’ policies toward Medicare and Social Security benefits in Florida.

President Trump has been critical of Florida under DeSantis calling Florida under DeSantis’ direction a “dump,” The Wall Street Journal wrote.

As his supporters offer to remove Trump from Florida, DeSantis continues his international trip, speaking with the leaders of countries who are supportive of America, The Washington Post reported.

Trump’s team has continued to mock the DeSantis campaign. Earlier this year, the Trump campaign filed a complaint with the Florida ethics board, claiming that DeSantis was violating the laws of Florida by running a “shadow campaign” and running for president before he had officially announced his campaign, NBC reported. At the time of this report, DeSantis had not yet officially announced a 2024 Presidential campaign.

As Trump ramps up his campaign and gains support from Florida Republicans, and as DeSantis’ place in the forecasted polls has cooled, another Floridian mulls a presidential run, ABC reported. The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, has pursued early nominating states such as New Hampshire as he tests the waters, ABC reported. Suarez told the ABC affiliate WMUR that he would make a decision “shortly” on whether or not to join the growing field of Republican candidates lining up for the 2024 Presidential cycle.

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