DeSantis Makes History With Latest New Law

DeSantis Makes History With Latest New Law

DeSantis SIGNS IT – History Has Been Made!

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has endeared himself to Floridians over and over again with his no-nonsense approach to key issues, including vaccine requirements, mask mandates, and age-appropriate educational materials. Now, he’s aiming to reduce the financial pressure on the citizens of his state related to the inflationary policies of the Biden administration with a new piece of legislation.

On Friday, May 6, Governor DeSantis signed House Bill 7071 into law. The legislation will introduce a range of tax breaks designed to offset the negative effects of rapidly climbing prices. The bill’s measures will bring down the prices of consumer staples like educational materials, diapers, small children’s clothes, and motor fuel. You can see a full list of the tax breaks and exemptions in the state on the Florida Department of Revenue’s website.

During a speech he made about the legislation to a crowd of supportive Florida residents, DeSantis slammed the Biden administration’s fiscal policy. He highlighted the ways in which the president’s policies had contributed to rising prices, using the term “Bidenflation” to describe the crisis.

The tax breaks the bill sets out will go into force on July 1 of this year, so Floridians only have to wait a few more weeks to start seeing their bills go down.

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