DeSantis’ Holds Iowa Events; Trump Criticizes DeSantis’ Political Strategy

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is holding events with Iowa conservatives ahead of his anticipated 2024 presidential campaign, ABC News reported. Additionally, DeSantis has signed legislation to “ease” a potential 2024 campaign, The Guardian analyzed.

DeSantis is reportedly expected to move toward the early stages of developing an “exploratory committee” in May, which will put him closer to a formal presidential campaign announcement, ABC News reported.

In addition to his exploratory committee, DeSantis is expected to sign a law that would repeal the “resign-to-run” law of Florida’s state government, which requires Florida’s government officials to resign before running for president, The Guardian reported. This legislation was met with criticism by Florida’s lawmakers, who reportedly questioned why they would allow DeSantis to distract himself from doing his duties as Florida’s governor.

Meanwhile, as DeSantis continued to pave his path to a presidential campaign, but has yet to formally announce his bid, former President Donald Trump has criticized his platform.

DeSantis, meanwhile, has in his recent public appearances, stated that the GOP must “end a culture of losing,” Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported, in a piece that was reposted by the Tallahassee Democrat. However, in the view of Zac Anderson with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, DeSantis has “danced around” the 2020 election results for years and “refuses to acknowledge” that Trump lost.

On May 15, Trump shared a poll from Interactives Polls to his Truth Social platform, which showed that he, at that time, led the Republican 2024 race by 55% of the surveyed vote, while DeSantis had dropped by six points and, at that time, had 17% of the surveyed vote.

On May 14, Trump posted to his Truth Social that DeSantis’ poll numbers were “dropping like a rock” and that, in his view, they even reflected “record falls.” Trump then proceeded to call out DeSantis for being “young and inexperienced” and, then, he questioned whether he was a “fool.” Trump stated that, in either of the cases he pondered, the American people, in his view, would not want “another one” of a politician similar to DeSantis in policy and political performance.

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