Democrats Want to Spend Billions More as Inflation Skyrockets

Democrats Want to Spend Billions More as Inflation Skyrockets

Democrats’ Billion Dollar Plan – But Biden Wants More

( – Inflation is the most persistent economic issue facing the United States right now. Prices for basic necessities like gas are skyrocketing, and ordinary Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Despite this, the Democratic Party still appears determined to inject more cash into the US economy.

On Tuesday, April 26, the Washington Times reported Senate Democrats were considering a legislative maneuver that would combine Ukrainian aid money with spending on a coronavirus-related fiscal relief package. Republicans in the chamber previously blocked the passage of the spending measure, which would reportedly saddle the taxpayer with a bill of $10 billion.

Most recently, President Joe Biden indicated he’s vying for more than $33 billion in additional military assistance for Ukraine. NPR reported this would amount to more than double the $14 billion already authorized.

The Washington Times quoted an anonymous source from within the Democratic Party ranks. The individual said the Republican Party will be unwilling to withdraw support for any measure granting assistance to Ukraine. So, by combining that spending with coronavirus relief, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hopes to circumvent Republican resistance to the latter.

The report states there has not yet been an official decision on a vote for either measure at this time, but Schumer is allegedly keen for the chamber to vote on both as soon as possible.

Why does the Democratic Party want to spend so much public money despite the mounting issues the country is facing in terms of inflation?

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