Democrats Respond to Official Who Insulted Tim Scott

Democrats Pardon Official Who Went After Tim Scott

( – There was a political firestorm in Texas last week, when a Democratic state official referred to US Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) as an “oreo,” a racial slur, on his personal Facebook page.

The post quickly sparked outrage, leading to calls for Gary O’Connor to resign as Lamar County Democratic party chair. Representatives from both sides of the political aisle called O’Connor out for his comment, including Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

O’Connor, to his credit, apologized for the language he used and offered his resignation. On Tuesday, May 4, however, the Texas Tribune reported that Lamar County Democrats had decided not to accept his offer to step down. Despite this puzzling choice, the party maintained it would continue its “historic efforts to work for justice and equality for all… fellow citizens.”

This is yet another example of Democrats putting their party interests ahead of principles. The next time you hear a Democrat claiming they’re on the side of Black America, remember this episode.

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