Democrats REFUSED to Make Eye Contact With Fox Reporter!

Fox News Reporter Says Democrats Wouldn't Make Eye Contact With Him

Fox News Reporter Says Democrats Wouldn’t Make Eye Contact With Him

( – The southwest border has been the site of the Biden Administration’s most persistent problems since the beginning of last year. President Joe Biden’s lax attitude to immigration enforcement has seemingly enticed record numbers of undocumented individuals to attempt to enter the country — and there’s no sign yet of a change in this regard. According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, many Democratic Party figures are completely unwilling to engage with the media on the subject.

On Sunday, October 2, Melugin appeared on Fox to discuss his efforts to unearth important details about the crisis in the halls of power. He credited some Democrats as being “gracious with their time” when talking about the issue. Others, he claimed, “won’t even make eye contact” when he starts asking about the border.

Melugin sought to learn specifically about the views of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on the issue, and criticized the California Democrat for failing to provide him with a clear response.

The White House has responded critically to the Fox reporter’s remarks. Officials reportedly told Politico he was being an “alarmist” and deliberately political in his coverage of key issues like immigration.

Do you think Bill Melugin’s reporting on this issue was fair and accurate, or is he simply trying to stir up controversy?

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