Democrats Expose Their Hypocrisy During Impeachment Trial

Democrats Show Their Violent Hypocrisy While Attacking Trump

( – There are several things wrong with Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, which ended in his acquittal on February 13. Perhaps most significant is the fact he’s no longer president; the legal basis for impeaching a civilian is a shaky one. Another major issue is the fact that the Senate’s time would have been better spent doing almost anything else, particularly with so many other pressing problems at hand — namely a pandemic that’s been ravaging the country.

Something that’s not gotten as much attention, however, is the hypocrisy the Democrats have shown by condemning Trump for his alleged “incitement of violence.” One can argue that they’ve encouraged as much violence in recent years as any Republican, if we’re going by their standards. They’ve also questioned the reported outcomes of elections, as Trump did, yet no one accuses them of “insurrection.”

Normalizing and Encouraging Violence

We’ve seen plenty of hypocrisy from the left is terms of how they respond to violence. For example, Rep. Lauren Boebert called out Rep. Alexandria Cortez for saying the violence in New York was just about people wanting loaves of bread. Meanwhile, Sen. Jon Tester once suggested punching Donald Trump in the face during an interview with MSNBC.

While Kamala Harris claimed to condemn the BLM violence last summer in a statement about the police shooting of Jacob Blake, she also helped support the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out protesters who had been arrested. Some of the people bailed out, such as Thomas Moseley, were potentially dangerous criminals who faced arrest on more than one occasion.

The Virginia Shooter

The case against Trump rests, in large part, on the idea that those who protested at the Capitol Building on January 6 were his supporters. This logic conveniently ignores the violent crimes avowed supporters of Democrats have committed in the past.

Take James Hodgkinson, for example. In 2017, Hodgkinson (who had previously worked on Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign) opened fire at a Virginia baseball field, aiming at GOP members of Congress. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) suffered serious injuries from the attack. Hodgkinson’s actions may have been in protest against the presidency of Donald Trump. Hodgkinson was a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders.

Stacey Abrams

A lot of Democrats are bemoaning the fact Trump could question the reported outcome of an election. Yet, in 2018, one of their senior figures did exactly the same thing. After Brian Kemp (R) beat her in Georgia’s gubernatorial race in 2018 by over 50,000 votes, Democrat incumbent Stacey Abrams accused him of voter suppression — he was secretary of state at the time, so was in charge of election administration.

In light of the fact that this impeachment attempt already failed, the discussion around it is somewhat academic. However, it provides us with a valuable opportunity to examine the shortcomings of those seeking to condemn the former president.

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