Democrat’s DNA Found at Murder Scene

Democrat's DNA Found at Murder Scene

Top Democrat’s DNA Confirmed a Match – He’s In Serious Trouble!

( – Political journalists make careers out of dealing with difficult stories and uncooperative subjects. This may make some of the more ferocious reporters unpopular, but it’s generally accepted that it’s necessary for them to do their jobs. In a shocking story, it appears one Las Vegas journalist may have died at the hand of a politician about whom he was writing negative stories.

The remains of Jeff German, a reporter with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, were found outside his residence on Saturday, September 3. It appears he was the victim of a stabbing. Following the discovery, Las Vegas police arrested Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles (D); it has since emerged the Democrat’s DNA was present at the scene of the homicide. Additionally, police found shoes and a hat similar to those the suspect was wearing in surveillance video footage.

German had been writing stories critical of Telles’ performance in office prior to his death. The victim had responded with social media posts dismissing the criticism the reporter launched against him, alleging certain issues were an exaggeration. Among the supposed problems German listed were an inappropriate relationship between the Democrat and a female staffer and a culture of disharmony within his office.

Tributes poured in for the deceased journalist following the reports of his passing.

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