Democrats Call on California Senator Diane Feinstein To Resign

( – The 89-year-old Democratic Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, has been pressured by her fellow California Democrats to resign, opening her seat up for elections. Anticipating her retirement, Republicans and Democrats alike are entering their bids for her seat. The Republican Eric Early made his public bid for Feinstein’s seat in April, Fox News reported.

Under pressure from her party, the aging senator has asked to step down from Congress’ Judiciary Panel, The New York Times reported. Media reports explained that the judiciary committee “snafu” is one of the many things building up to pressure Feinstein to retire. At the time of this report, Feinstein had been absent from the Senate for “more than a month,” The New York Times reported.

A public statement was issued by fellow Democrats Representative Ro Khanna (D. California) and Representative Dean Phillips (D. Minnesota), the BBC reported. Khanna argued in a Tweet that it was time to put the country ahead of “personal loyalty” and that, while Feinstein has had “a lifetime of public service,” it was “obvious” she could no longer fulfill her duties. Phillips tweeted that he agreed, stating that he believed Feinstein was “in dereliction of duty.”

Democrats are hopeful that Feinstein will soon resign for a variety of reasons, Vox explained. Questions have risen over whether Feinstein’s advanced age and health condition prevents her from executing her Senate duties. Her extended absences had reportedly delayed the process for judicial nominations in the Senate, Vox explained.

Feinstein has asked for a replacement in the judiciary, stating that her absences have been the result of complications due to her “diagnosis.” Feinstein had been suffering complications from a diagnosis of shingles, BBC reported. At the time of this report, Feinstein was set to work remotely and has reportedly appointed another Democrat to serve in her stead for the judiciary. Feinstein’s replacement was set to be “temporary” at the time of this report.

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