Democratic Senator from Montana Holds Biden Admin Accountable for Chinese Surveillance Balloon

( – Senator Jon Tester (D.Montana) stated on April 3 that he would hold the Biden administration accountable for the handling of a Chinese surveillance craft that was spotted in U.S. airspace over Monata earlier this year, Fox News reported.

Senator Tester tweeted that the American Defense Department “knew all along” that the “Chinese invasion” of U.S. airspace was not accidental. Tester stated that he would “keep holding” the Biden administration accountable to ensure that Montanans are protected from the threat of Chinese communist espionage.

In his tweet, Tester referenced an article by NBC News, published on April 3, that pointed to the fact China had complete control of the surveillance craft the entire time it was in the air. Likewise, the article explained that the surveillance craft was able to send information back to China in real time, posing an immediate national security threat. This threat stemmed from the fact that the balloon was passing over sensitive military areas, and that the information the balloon passed to China would have been relative to these areas, NBC reported.

Tester stated that there was “nothing more important” than keeping Americans safe.

Senator Tester’s statements follow a heated debate about the Chinese Communist regime’s influence in the United States. In March, Congress held a hearing with the CEO Shou Zhi of TikTok, which was broadcast by C-Span, to grill the CEO on how TikTok used American user data, and whether the Chinese Communist Party was able to access this data through the company. Media reports stated that those at the hearing appeared “unconvinced” by Shou Zhi’s testimony and that a national ban on TikTok was to be mulled. No such ban had been formally announced at the time of this report.

Across the United States, TikTok has already received stiff crackdowns. TikTok use has been banned on government devices. Florida State University has banned TikTok and WeChat on its campuses, following a statewide regulation from the Board of Governors, The Tallahassee Democrat reported.

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