Democratic Mayor Says Police Don’t Always Need Weapons

Democratic Mayor Says Police Don't Always Need Weapons

( – Daunte Wright lost his life during a police traffic stop in the Minneapolis area on Sunday, April 11, when an officer allegedly discharged her firearm by mistake. Scenes of social unrest have already been seen across the country, and debates around gun control have reignited. Predictably, leftist leaders have been coming out with over-the-top policy suggestions to curry favor with radical supporters.

On Tuesday, Mayor Mike Elliott (D) of Brooklyn Center, where the shooting took place, gave a press conference to answer questions and make statements related to the shooting. At one point, he said he did not believe police officers “need to necessarily have weapons” for traffic stops or other “situations that don’t necessarily call for weapons.”

Elliott also made reference to “other jurisdictions” in which armed police were unnecessary. Of course, this common narrative fails to take account of the abnormally severe issue with gun violence in America.

If we want our police to be safe and effective in their role, the last thing we should do is disarm them. Even routine traffic stops can be deadly for law enforcement.

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