Democrat Pollster Says Republicans Have a Huge Advantage

Democrat Pollster Says Republicans Have a Huge Advantage

( – With serious question marks hanging over President Joe Biden’s fitness for office and major policy challenges starting to stack up, many Conservatives believe the 2022 midterms will produce great results for the Republican Party. Now, things are getting so bad that even Democrats are acknowledging that the GOP could sweep the board in November.

On Wednesday, December 22, Democratic pollster John Zogby published the results of his most recent survey, which asked 777 likely voters across the United States about their feelings on President Biden and his management of several key issues. Zogby revealed just 46% of respondents currently approve of the job Biden is doing generally, while 52% disapprove.

Furthermore, Biden’s approval rating is slipping among key Democratic demographics. Just 54% of Hispanic voters are currently positive about the president, along with 64% of African-American voters and 46% of young-adult voters.

Just over half of the survey’s respondents (51%) approve of the way Biden is currently handling the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that figure falls to 36% when it comes to immigration and 31% for his handling of the growing inflation crisis.

When it comes to the legislative branch, 46% of voters want to see Republicans retake the majority in Congress in 2022.

Do you think these numbers reflect the general feeling in America right now?

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