Democrat Petition to Impeach Justice Thomas Reaches New High

Democrat Petition To Impeach Justice Thomas Reaches New High

Justice Thomas IMPEACHMENT Bombshell

( – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has enjoyed a distinguished legal career, both before and after he was called to serve on the highest court in the nation. Since his SCOTUS nomination by then-President George H.W. Bush in 1991, Thomas has made a name for himself as a quiet and staunchly conservative presence on the bench.

Unsurprisingly, the latter of these qualities has made him fiercely unpopular among Democrats and left-leaning Americans. A petition to impeach Justice Thomas has been doing the rounds for some time, and is now gathering steam.

The Petition Reaches 230,000 Signatures

Opponents of Justice Thomas posted the petition on earlier this year because of controversy about the esteemed judge’s wife, Ginni Thomas. Ginni Thomas is a notable conservative activist and a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Controversy arose around Mrs. Thomas after it transpired she encouraged Trump-era White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to persist in his efforts to have the 2020 presidential election overturned. She came back into the crosshairs of the Left when the House Select Committee investigating January 6 revealed she was in close contact with lawyer John Eastman in the weeks following the disputed election.

Analysts believe it was Eastman who came up with the idea that then-Vice President Mike Pence reject the votes of the Electoral College on January 6. That was an idea Trump ran with despite the contention of many legal experts that it was outside the authority of the office of the vice president. Pence himself was unwilling to carry out the plan, leading to an angry response from the former president.

Another reason Liberal campaigners are seeking Thomas’ impeachment is the judge’s decision to vote in favor of Trump when he tried to keep certain documents from the Select Committee on legal grounds. He was the only SCOTUS justice to vote this way on the case.

How Realistic Are the Petition’s Goals?

The petition appeals for Justice Thomas to either resign or undergo impeachment. If Democratic leaders decide to act on the latter, Clarence Thomas would become just the second Supreme Court judge in history to be impeached. The House of Representatives voted to impeach Associate Justice Samuel Chase at the outset of the 19th century, but the Senate voted against the measure.

Do you think there is any justification for the idea of impeaching Clarence Thomas or is it simply a politically motivated stunt by radical Liberals?

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