Dem Gets Attacked, Backtracks “Defund The Police”

( – “Say it with me. DISMANTLE The Minneapolis Police Department!” was the battle cry of Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) official Shivanthi Sathanandan in 2020 following the viral video of the violent and fatal police apprehension of George Floyd.

She has seemingly changed her tune after suffering a violent attack herself, after four armed men beat her in front of her children and stole her car at her home in a north Minneapolis neighborhood.

As a result of the attack, Sathanandan, who serves as Second Vice Chairwoman of the DFL, is now nursing a broken leg, deep lacerations on her head, and cuts and bruises all over her body. She has thanked law enforcement officers who responded after the attack and said that she will not let criminals win and called on others to “take back our city.” “This will not be the last you hear from me,” she added. She also posted a photo of her bloodied face, along with her statements, on social media, where she ranted against the incident and her assaulters.

She is now calling for the perpetrators, whom she said were “running wild creating chaos across our city” to be caught, held in custody, and prosecuted. “PERIOD.” Sathanandan also called on people to “remember” her face when they are “thinking about supporting” of allowing juveniles and young people to be released from custody as opposed to “HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.”

The attack was seen by neighbors, many of whom attempted to help, but were kept at bay by the firearms the suspects were brandishing.

Prior to the assault on her person, family, and property, Sathanandan was a staunch supporter of the defunding and dismantling of law enforcement, and voiced her support of the termination of the contract between the Minneapolis School Board and the Minneapolis Police Department, saying that the “MPD has no place in our children’s schools.” He children who witnessed the attack were four and seven years old.

Ken Martin, the chairman of the Minneapolis DFL, said that they were “heartbroken” by the attack on Sathanandan and expressed “hope” that the suspects would be “quickly brought to justice and face punishment.”

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