Debate Follows Trump’s CPAC Domination

( – Media criticism poured in following former President Donald Trump’s appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference, abbreviated CPAC, earlier in March. Talk show host Jimmy Fallon called the speech “unhinged,” The New York Times reported.

In the wake of Trump’s remarks, Democrat political figures and media personalities were behooved to fact-check his speech. Daniel Dale, an anchor for CNN, claimed that Trump’s statements were “absolute fiction.”

Political analysts stated that Trump’s CPAC appearance was aimed at feigning of incumbent Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump’s closest rival in the upcoming Presidential Elections 2024 race for the Republican nomination, Bloomberg reported.

While DeSantis is a popular alternative candidate, Trump dominates current polls that predict the outlook of the Republican nomination.Trump “dominated” the event, as rival party loyalists attended an alternative event in Florida, the Voice of America reported. Media outlets claim that Trump is a “star” among the ultra-conservative body of Republican voters, but that he faces a “new test.”

Meanwhile, DeSantis opted out of CPAC in what appeared to be a direct effort to avoid confrontation with Trump, who has been vocally critical of DeSantis in his competition against him for the nomination.

As DeSantis has yet to make a formal presidential campaign announcement, his bid has been met with anticipation and criticism. Democrats argue that DeSantis is more concerned with campaigning than he is with Florida’s welfare, The Tallahassee Democrat wrote. This view led Florida Democrats to refer to the 2023 Legislative Session in Florida as “the Ron DeSantis Show.” Democrats criticized the opening hours of the Florida Legislative Session as a “sober reminder” while maintaining that the Florida legislative body is “trapped” in its “dysfunctional” relationship with DeSantis.

Media outlet National Political Review affirmed on Mar 6 that, while DeSantis has yet to officially join the race, he has been eyeing a presidential run. The outlet stated that DeSantis wanted to “make America Florida.”

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