Dean Phillips To Run in 2024, Becomes Biden’s Latest Opponent

( – Citing personal concerns over how the Democrats would fare under another presidential showdown between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump, Democratic Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips said that he will be running to challenge Biden in the Democratic presidential primaries this year.

Running under the slogan “Everyone’s invited,” Phillips kicked off his campaign in New Hampshire, arriving an hour late to an event populated mostly by reporters from the press. A couple of voters showed up, mostly out of curiosity.

Phillips acknowledges that his odds of winning are pretty low, especially given the fact that he will be running for a national position – and unlike his more popular colleagues in Congress, he’s relatively unknown to the majority of voters.

The Minnesota congressman’s being a relative unknown isn’t the only challenge his campaign will face. He has missed the deadline for the filing of candidacy in Nevada, and while he can still submit his application to New Hampshire to appear on the state’s ballot, he will not be eligible to receive delegates from the state.

“I’m the underdog. I’m the long shot,” Phillips said.

Despite being a Democrat, Phillips isn’t all praise for the Biden administration, saying that the government has fostered an environment that is “inhumane” at the Southern border, a place Phillips has said he has visited twice. “It is not secure,” the congressman said of the border situation, which he said he plans to make a primary focus of his platform and campaign.

Phillips also said that he shares many voters’ concern over Biden’s age – and the president’s continued capability to handle one of the hardest jobs on the planet, especially consistently for another four years.

The White House was largely mum on the news of Phillips’ candidacy. Karine Jean-Pierre, the Press Secretary for the White House, only said that the administration appreciates the Phillips’ “almost 100 — 100 percent support of this president” on a number of key legislations.

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