Dave Chappelle Gives Pro-Palestine Rant at Show, Jews Leave

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Dave Chappelle has done it again.

Known for making provocative remarks against both Republicans and Democrats on a variety of highly sensitive and political topics, a number of audience members walked out of a performance by the comedian in Boston after Chappelle made a number of statements criticizing Israel.

Chappelle, who professes a Muslim faith, begun by saying that he didn’t think job applicants should be rejected just because they expressed support of Palestine. He then accused Israel of “killing innocent civilians” as well as carrying out “war crimes,” and called out the Jewish state’s decision to cut off access to food, water and electricity to Gaza. He also criticized the U.S. government of aiding in the murder of innocent civilians.

The comedian got even more heated after an audience member shouted at him to “shut the **** up” to which Chappelle retorted, “You do not tell me to shut the **** up at MY show!” His response was cheered on by several other members of the audience, with some allegedly cheering “Go Palestine,” and “Go Hamas,” as recounted by some audience members who walked out of the show.

“I was sick. We were sick,” related Andrew Margolies, an audience member who walked out and posted his experience on the show on social media. He said that he met a lot of Jews who also walked out of the show, saying that, “Never in my life have I felt so unsafe and so fearful.”

The comedian’s media team has responded to the accusations, claiming that Chappelle was not in Boston at the time of the alleged pro-Palestinian rant. The performance at the TD Bank Arena in Boston, however, is listed as one of the comedian’s stops in his “It’s a Celebration B!%?#&$!” U.S. tour, which runs until the end of the year. No video has surfaced from the event as of press time – Chappelle’s performances typically do not allow audience members to carry even cell phones into the event.

Chappelle has made a number of controversial remarks over the years, with his takes on issues like the trans movement, the “me too” movement, Donald Trump, cancel culture, and others receiving widespread criticism.

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