DA Willis Threatened with Impeachment by State Senator

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Former president Donald Trump may be dragging Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis’ name through the mud on his social media platform Truth Social and elsewhere, but other Republicans have taken another tack and are ramping things up a notch.

Utilizing a new state law approved and signed by Republican Governor Brian Kemp, Republican state senator Clint Dixon said that come October, he plans to file a complaint against Willis as soon as the commission on “Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications” begins its proceedings.

The new rules essentially allow for the creation of a state commission that has the authority to impose sanctions or force out prosecutors who don’t do their jobs correctly or are found guilty of crimes and other violations.

Dixon said that he was “frustrated” with the indictments handed down against the former president, claiming that Willis had an “unabashed goal to become some sort of leftist celebrity.” He added that steps need to be taken to “stop Fani Willis’ bad behavior” and “efforts that weaponize the justice system against political opponents.”

Another state senator, Colton Moore, is also working to impeach Willis, and is attempting to garner support from GOP colleagues and has officially called for an emergency session to start the ball rolling.

On Twitter, Moore said that his constituents “don’t want their tax dollars to fund this NONSENSE,” and that “America is under attack” as evidenced by “radical left prosecutors (that) politically TARGET political opponents.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign unleashed a barrage of attacks on Willis, alleging that the district attorney’s father was a member of the radical Black group the Black Panthers and said that Willis’ family was one that was “steeped in hate.” The former president himself had no shortage of comments about the Georgia prosecutor, calling Willis a “racist” multiple times, such as during a rally in New Hampshire, as well as on Truth Social. Trump has taunted Willis over presiding over “one of the deadliest communities in the U.S.” whose “thousands of murderers, violent criminals & gang members” that freely roam the streets are treated with “kidd gloves.” And in true Trump fashion, the former chief executive now also has a nickname for Willis: “Phony Fani.”

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