Curbing U.S. Oil Production Expected To Harm the Environment, Report Finds

( – The Biden administration has announced plans to walk back the production of fossil fuels, as part of climate change legislation, moving toward making electric vehicles more mainstream. However, a recent report finds that curbing U.S. oil production may instead harm the environment, Fox News reported. The report, released by the Institute for Energy Research, shows that the U.S. has the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel production in the world.

For example, the Environmental Defense Fund takes steps to promote the responsible production of natural gas by measuring “uncombusted methane” leaks, which are more potent and more harmful to the environment than combusted methane.

Institute for Energy Research argues that, due to the enduring nature of petroleum products, curbing the United States’ environmental safety-committed production of them would have a “devastating” impact on the environment.

The fact that the global governmental efforts to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel energy have not reduced the global energy dependence on fossil fuels is “a major hurdle” for the Biden administration, Fox News reported. Petroleum products are reportedly “entrenched” in society. Because of this, global dependence persists despite progressive legislation to end international dependency on these products.

The Biden administration has focused heavily on its electric vehicle promoting Build Back Better plan in recent news. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, signed a subsidy package with the administration to make Tesla electric vehicle charging stations compatible with other automakers’ electric vehicles, Fox News, New York reported. Musk’s decision was publicly praised by President Biden, Business Insider reported.

The subsidy, valued at $7.5B, is part of the Biden administration’s comprehensive plan to make electric vehicles more accessible to the general market, to make electric vehicles take up at least half of mainstream vehicle use “by 2030.”

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