Criminal COVID Charges DEMANDED – Probe Coming?

Kari Lake Suggests Criminal Charges, Vows To Launch Probe

Kari Lake Suggests Criminal Charges, Vows to Launch Probe

( – A Republican candidate who looks like she could be the next governor of Arizona is taking aim at the state’s polici…-to-launch-probe/es during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kari Lake says she wants to find out who made some of the decisions — and even suggested criminal charges might be appropriate.

Republican hopeful Kari Lake has been holding a series of “Ask me anything” talks with voters, and on October 31, she met healthcare workers and the public in Scottsdale, AZ. During the talk, the moderator asked if she planned to help “put the criminals responsible for COVID in jail,” and her reply was explosive.

Lake said she wants to form a commission to investigate the pandemic and how Arizona responded to it. She was severely critical of the state’s policies, calling the lockdown rules “a theft of our freedom, our lives.” She said she wants to find out who made the decision to close down churches and businesses, and to enforce vaccine mandates that cost many Arizonans their jobs. She wants to know who forced children to wear masks in school. And, when she finds out who was responsible, she wants to “hand up any civil or criminal charges that need to be made.”

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