Crime Increases at University of Michigan as Campus Continues to Press Anti-Police Agenda

( – The University of Michigan currently has a serious crime wave on its hands, but left-wing students aren’t backing down on their angry protests against police. In fact, an ongoing activism project by progressives called #PoliceFreeCampus is demanding that all police and the “carceral” institution of UM be completely “dismantled.” This comes amid the worsening issues with violent crime on campus, with several shootings and five sexual assaults and rapes occurring to UM students in just the past six weeks.

UM is located in Ann Arbor and has a student body of 51,225 as of last year. It’s worth noting that UM is an overwhelmingly leftist institution, with only around 15.4% of students identifying as conservatives and the rest identifying as centrist or left-wing. The #PoliceFreeCampus project is actually the brainchild of leftist UM Professor Charles Davis, who founded the university’s “Campus Abolition Research Lab” in 2020 to try to create “police free futures” on campus and in the United States more broadly. The growing problems with lawbreaking haven’t changed Davis’ view that police are the primary problem on campus and in society, and he’s demanding that police be abolished “now.”

Davis has made no comment on the worsening spike of crime on campus and involving UM students. The university community is disturbed by a recent spate of crimes. Around six weeks ago, a female student was forcibly felt up by a man who went off to masturbate and touch himself around other students.

Several days later, in early June, a male individual went and shot a person from behind after arguing with them. The following evening, a female student stabbed a male inside student housing and tried to shoot him through the window before running away. This was followed by a number of further sexual assaults of women on campus.

UM is policed by the Ann Arbor PD and its own campus security, but the push to defund police is continuing to exert itself on campuses across the country and in left-wing political circles who believe that crime should be prevented and fought from the social and economic level rather than criminal enforcement.

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