CPAC Proved Tough for Trump Alternate Candidates

( – The Conservative Political Action Committee meeting event kicked off on March 3, proving to be a steep challenge for any Republican candidate other than former president Donald Trump, The Guardian reported.

Former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has made her presidential campaign appeal by calling out the failings of the Republican Party, The Guardian reported. Haley stated that attendees should vote for her if they were “tired of losing,” The Hill reported. Yet, as Haley was trying to make her appeal, she was reportedly “heckled” by the crowd, The Washington Post reported.

As Haley made her appeal, crowds of supporters chanted “Trump,” tweeted Christian Hall, a politics reporter for Bloomberg.

Media reports have criticized the enduring popularity of Donald Trump as the Presidential Elections 2024 campaign gets underway. Left-leaning outlets have questioned the reason for why Trump’s intense popularity endures.

Meanwhile, Trump’s contenders laid into him, with Mike Pompeo telling a “full ballroom” of CPAC attendees that they should not look to the celebrity of candidates with “fragile egos” for a Republican win in 2024, The Independent reported. Pompeo likewise took a “swipe” at Trump for adding “$8 trillion” to the national debt ceiling, The Hill reported. Early in 2023, the Treasury department announced that the United States has reached its debt ceiling, which has led to intense debate in Congress over the control of spending.

Trump’s popularity has cast its wide wake over the CPAC, The Hill reported, making the competitive challenge steep for Trump’s contenders. As Nikki Haley attempted to make her speech, crowds chanted “Trump! Trump!” tweeted politics reporter Christian Hall, with Bloomberg.

As CPAC kicked off and conservative sentiment was boosted by the lineup of attendees, Democrats hotly criticized Trump. Late night comedy show host Jimmy Kimmel stated live that he believes Donald Trump is going “directly to jail,” Vanity Fair wrote.

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