Court Decides To Let Biden Immigration Rule Stay in Place

( – Stringent Biden administration rules for asylum seekers at the border between the U.S. and Mexico that were set to expire recently were upheld by a U.S. federal appeals court following a decision of a lower court that deemed the rules illegal.

A district judge previously decided that the rules were a violation of U.S. law., which required, among other things, that migrants seeking asylum could only do so through an app called CBP One. The app effectively curtails entry into the States, as applicants need to secure an interview via the app first – while in the other countries they travel though – before being allowed into the U.S. However, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is based in San Francisco, put a hold on the lower court’s decision, with judges voting two in favor to one against. Judges William Fletcher and Richard Paez decided in favor of keeping the policy but did not give any reason behind their decision. Judge Lawrence Van Dyke was the sole dissenter. Fletcher and Paez were appointed by former president Bill Clinton while Van Dyke was granted the position by former president Donald Trump.

The rule will still have to face other legal hurdles though, before it becomes set in stone.

President Joe Biden announced the rules at the beginning of the year, saying that the U.S. would allow 360,000 migrants entry into the county as long as they went through the process set by the CBP One app.

The order comes as cities, many of them led by Democrats, struggle to deal with the large and sudden influx of migrants into their respective territories. Chicago is struggling to provide temporary shelters to migrants, with just over 10,000 individuals moving into the city over the last nine months. Schools are also stretched thin with the arrival of additional students from the newcomers.

For its part, New York City repurposed the Roosevelt Hotel, a historic site, as a temporary shelter for migrants, particularly for families and single mothers. However, since NYC has seen the arrival of around 50,000 migrants, many who have no place to go are in other shelters, but due to limited space and sometimes unsafe conditions, some have even resorted to sleeping in the subway.

The mass influx of migrants follows moves by Republican governors such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to unload migrants from their own states. Both governors, who favor much stricter border action, claim their local governments are overwhelmed by the influx of migrants. They reason that since these cities – usually governed by Democrats – have adopted “sanctuary” policies towards migrants, then that’s where migrants should go.

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