Cop Bravely Rescues Public From Wrong-Way Driver With Own Vehicle

Cop Bravely Rescues Public From Wrong-Way Driver With Own Vehicle

( – Police officers across the United States often go above and beyond the call of duty in their efforts to keep ordinary Americans safe. However, sometimes cops perform truly extraordinary feats of bravery. A story of one such act emerged from Colorado earlier this week.

The Washington Examiner reported that 26-year-old Adams County Sheriff’s deputy steered his vehicle into the path of a vehicle traveling the wrong way down a highway on Monday, April 11. The officer’s intervention prevented the errant vehicle from coming into contact with other cars on the highway and potentially saved a number of lives.

Both cars traveled around 140 feet following the impact before coming to a stop. Luckily, both the sheriff’s deputy and the driver of the other car suffered only minor injuries.

The driver of the other car was 83 years old. The Colorado State Patrol (CSP), which is heading up the investigation into what happened, says it does not suspect the driver was using alcohol or drugs prior to the crash.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook post about the incident praised the deputy for putting his life at risk for the protection of the other drivers on the highway. It also expressed gratitude there were no serious injuries, claiming there would doubtless have been several deaths had it not been for the deputy’s intervention.

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