Conservatives Have Fruit Loops in Their Sights

( – Conservative influencers and commentators are taking issue with Kellogg’s cereal Froot Loops, after the brand released a digital library for kids that feature several titles that tackle issues like diversity and “non-binary” genders.

The digital library release follows a partnership by the cereal brand with BGC Canada – which was a rebrand of the former Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada – which offered access to the library, which included books such as “Maggie’s Chopsticks,” “Loop Together on Gender Empowerment,” as well as “Razia’s Ray of Hope.” The goal of the partnership was to aid families in exploring “diverse topics” such as cultural and racial inclusivity and equality.

Kellogg’s was already in conservatives’ sights after a publicity stunt that showed the Frosted Flakes mascot, Tony the Tiger, posing for a picture with controversial trans social media personality Dylan Mulvaney during an appearance at the Tony Awards this year.

Many conservative personalities on social media have since called for a boycott of the cereal, citing concerns that the company and the brand have bought in to the whole “woke propaganda” and are feeding children “nonsense” instead of breakfast. Many are hoping for a “Bud Light” effect – the beer brand suffered massive sales losses after a poorly-thought-out (and short-lived) partnership with Mulvaney earlier in the year.

Country music star John Rich, who was also part of the boycott of Bud Light, retweeted a post claiming that Kellogg’s was out to “indoctrinate” children, asking, “Hey parents, do your kids like Kellogg’s cereal?” He also called for a boycott of the cereal “for health” reasons and to “punish them” for buying into the woke movement, he said on social media platform Twitter/X.

Janie Johnson, a conservative writer and author, said that she would “miss my Froot Loops” and called on parents to do what they need to do in order to protect their children from indoctrination.

Another Twitter user posted, “Fruit Loops has gone woke and it’s horrible for you.”

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