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Kanye West Calls Out Ben Shapiro for Censorship

Kanye West Calls Out Ben Shapiro for Censorship

( – Rapper Kanye West — now known as Ye — has accused a conservative media outlet of joining in with liberal cancel culture. He says the Daily Wire refuses to give him a platform in retaliation for comments he’s made. Are supposedly right-wing commentators now censoring conservative voices?

In an October 24 interview, Ye told podcaster Lex Fridman that commentator Ben Shapiro has banned him from the Daily Wire. Ye, who’s recently made a series of controversial comments about Jewish people, says he wanted the opportunity to explain himself — but Shapiro won’t let him.

Shapiro, an orthodox Jew, has previously defended Ye’s conservative politics while criticizing his anti-Semitism. However, if Ye’s accusations are correct, he’s now taking a harder line. In a rambling discussion with Friedman, Ye alleged the mainstream media wants him to apologize but aren’t willing to let him give his side of the story. He also apparently compared himself to actor Mel Gibson, who was forced to apologize after delivering a drunken anti-Semitic rant in 2006.

Ye has faced a range of consequences for his comments. He’s had social media accounts blocked and bank accounts shut down. He told Fridman, “this game is like boxing more people in the ret–ded than rich and I’m saying like beat to a pulp, driven crazy, beat by the media to a pulp.” Is that all it takes to get deplatformed now?

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