Congressman Comer Focuses Investigation on Penn Biden Center’s China Links

( – The House Oversight Committee will focus its investigation on the Penn-Biden Center’s China links. Chinese Communist Party affiliated anonymous donations accelerated donations to the University of Pennsylvania after the Penn Biden Center formed Fox reports, sparking concerns of a compromised administration.

Anonymous Chinese Communist Party donors gave $30 million dollars to the Penn Biden center. The donations from anonymous Chinese sources tripled after the Penn Biden Center was announced in February 2017.

National Legal Policy Center Chairman Peter Flaherty told Fox and Friends on January 14 that the discovery was a “relief” to his organization, who had “focused on the issue” in 2020. The NLPC filed a complaint with the Board of Education to demand disclosure.

Flaherty explained that UPenn was obligated to report foreign donations of over $250,000. Flaherty said that UPenn did not disclose this money, and that the Board of Education did not respond to their complaint. NLPC renewed their demand for disclosure of who the foreign actors from China were who donated money to Penn Biden Center.

In 2022, 150 UPenn professors sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland saying that the China Initiative was “racist.” China Initiative is a law enforcement effort searching for Chinese espionage in American universities. The China Initiative requires Universities to disclose money gifted to universities from Chinese national donors.

Congressman James Comer, (R-Ky), chairman of the House Oversight Committee and Accountability Committee, focuses his investigation of the document scandal on the Penn Biden Center, The Hill reported. The House Oversight investigation will search out who had access to the Penn Biden Center.

Comer sent a letter to UPenn President Mary Elizabeth Magill requesting that all Penn Biden Center China-linked materials be sent to the House Oversight Committee by February 1.

Comer called out the double standard of the Biden administration’s document handling on Fox and Friends on January 11. He noted that Joe Biden was critical of Donald Trump’s possession of classified documents post his presidency.

Comer called for “equal treatment” of Biden as Trump received. The FBI searched whose private residences following the Mar-a-Lago stored classified documents’ discovery.

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