Congressman Claims Trump Likely To Spend Life Behind Bars

Congressman Claims Trump Likely To Spend Life Behind Bars

( – Former President Donald Trump has faced a series of legal challenges since leaving the White House. Depending on whom you ask, these are either legitimate attempts to punish criminality or politically-motivated attacks with no basis in truth. According to Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the 45th president is certain to end up spending years in prison following the conclusion of one or another of these investigations.

Raskin recently appeared on the “Skullduggery” podcast on Yahoo News to discuss insights from his role on the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol Building. He shared, based on his experience on the panel, he “really would be surprised” if the former president didn’t receive a criminal conviction for his alleged role in the protest.

Raskin stressed, in his view, the select committee had not gone overboard in its recommendations for criminal indictments against Trump. The charges it did recommend include inciting an insurrection and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Raskin also stated the fight against “authoritarianism” should not stop with charges against Trump because other individuals across the country pose a threat similar to the one the former president poses and should be pursued as well.

What do you think the outcome of the criminal investigations into Donald Trump will be?

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