Condoleezza Rice Addresses Critical Race Theory on ‘The View’

Condoleezza Rice Blasts Critical Race Theory on The View

( – Critical race theory (CRT) has very few proponents among the ranks of Conservatives. Most people with right politics view the hypothesis as a dangerous fallacy that risks sowing division between people of different races. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sounded off on the topic while guest-hosting the talk show, The View, on Wednesday, October 20.

Rice Has Her Say

Rice, who worked for former President George W. Bush’s administration, said her opposition to CRT had its roots in her academic background. However, she added that she grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, when segregation remained in force. Therefore, she’s in no way ignorant of the struggles people of color have faced in this country.

Nevertheless, she feels critical race theory will do more harm than good in ending racism in America. She claimed there was no need to make white people “feel guilty” for things that happened before they were born or leave members of the black community feeling “disempowered” by the color of their skin.

The View is undoubtedly an unexpected forum for the expression of Rice’s point of view. The show is notoriously liberal and rarely makes room for conservative talking points. The other Wednesday panel members did not waste the opportunity to challenge what the former secretary of state was saying.

Sunny Hostin claimed that people opposed to critical race theory want to stop schools from teaching real history to their children. Rice challenged this assumption, saying it was possible to teach history accurately without making young children associate the color of their skin with a feeling of guilt.

The Debate Around CRT: What’s Happening Now?

The feud around the instruction of CRT in schools has broken down along partisan lines. Republican leaders are largely united in their opposition to the hypothesis, and many have moved to ban it in their schools.

So far, eight states have legislated to restrict the instruction of CRT in schools as of the beginning of this month, and 20 more currently have bills working their way through state legislatures. Texas became the latest state to limit the instruction of the hypothesis in September of this year, with Governor Greg Abbott (R) committing to going even further in his campaign to abolish it. The current law there makes it illegal for schools to teach children that one race or sex is “inherently superior” to another.

As a woman of color old enough to remember the days of segregation, Condoleezza Rice is uniquely positioned to comment on this matter. Might voices like hers turn the tide in this debate?

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