Complaint Says Paul Pelosi Under Influence of a Drug After DUI Charge

Complaint Says Paul Pelosi Under Influence of a Drug After DUI Charge

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( – Recently, much has been made of the ability of lawmakers and their families to leverage sensitive information to make profitable trades on the stock market. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her husband Paul Pelosi, who are collectively worth a figure estimated to be in excess of $100 million, are perhaps the biggest targets. However, the California Democrat’s spouse is currently in the crosshairs of the authorities for a very different reason.

On Wednesday, August 2, Paul Pelosi’s lawyer, Amanda Bevins, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor DUI charges on his behalf in Napa County Superior Court. The investor was arrested after reportedly testing positive for a blood alcohol level higher than 0.08% following an accident. It has also allegedly emerged he was slurring his words at the scene of the collision and according to the complaint, he had a drug in his system.

The 48-year-old who was driving the other vehicle reportedly sustained injuries, but the nature of these has not been confirmed out of respect to the individual’s privacy.

A conviction on these charges may see the multimillionaire spend at least five days in jail and on probation for as long as five years. Additionally, he’ll have to install an ignition interlock device and sit a class on inebriated driving.

Do you think these punishments fit his alleged crime?

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