Company Behind COVID Testing Wrapped Up in Big Scandal

Company Behind COVID Testing Wrapped Up in Big Scandal

( – Many like to regard COVID-19 testing facilities as infallible when we go for swabs; if we get a positive or negative result, we’re usually confident it reflects our status accurately. Unfortunately, it appears this hasn’t been the case for one major testing provider, and it’s now in legal trouble.

Center for COVID Control (CCC) runs 300 testing facilities nationwide. The Illinois-based company is currently under investigation at the federal level and several states over apparent irregularities in how it does business. There have been allegations the company didn’t deliver COVID test results in a timely fashion and provided falsified results to some clients.

On Wednesday, January 19, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison filed a lawsuit against CCC and another testing provider called Doctors Clinical Laboratory, Inc. The suit alleges test results from the two companies often contained “inaccurate and false information,” including incorrect data related to the types of tests administered and the times they took place.

In Massachusetts, representatives of Medicare and Medicaid shut down multiple CCC facilities in business without proper licensing.

The founder of CCC previously ran a donut shop and an ax-throwing venue.

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