Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Showcases Biden Administration’s Hypocrisy

Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Showcases Biden's Hypocrisy

( – One of the most controversial actions President Joe Biden carried out since taking office was his pausing of work on the Keystone XL pipeline. Despite the fact the project had the potential to create good-paying jobs and provide vital infrastructure to the nation, Biden halted work on it, citing environmental concerns as a justification.

It Turns Out We Do Need Pipelines, After All

The cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline brought this conversation back into view this week. After the company’s system became infected with ransomware, it was forced to shut down over 5,000 miles of pipeline across the nation. That led to widespread gas shortages and well-publicized instances of panicked behavior from consumers.

It also led to panicked policymakers. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, a staunch environmentalist, was quoted as saying last week that “the pipe is the best way to go” when it comes to providing the East Coast with gas.

For the chief energy official in the administration that stopped work on Keystone XL, this is a rather startling admission. Granholm herself was in favor of discontinuing the project just four months ago.

The Response

Those hit hardest by the discontinuation of work on the Keystone XL pipeline did not fail to notice the irony of Granholm’s statement. Laurie Cox, the owner of a hotel near a construction site in South Dakota, expressed her disdain for the Biden administration in an interview with the Washington Examiner published on Thursday, May 20. Cox stated the Keystone XL decision was down to “incompetence and… ego” and accused Joe Biden and his officials of wanting “to destroy America.”

The Colonial Pipeline incident has highlighted how fanciful some environmental measures truly are. The reality is, we need energy. Unless we have robust systems in place that can withstand unexpected setbacks, chaos is sure to result at some point.

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