CNN’s Jake Tapper Complains of Allegedly “Racist” Statement by Senator

( – CNN host Jake Tapper recently had an on-air meltdown after accusing Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama of making the “most abjectly racist” remarks he’s heard in his life from a politician. Tapper was referring to comments that Tuberville made nine months ago at a Trump rally, where Tuberville said the Democratic party “want crime” and that “the people that do the crime” think they deserve reparations, referring to the campaign to have reparations paid to descendants of black slaves.

According to 2019 statistics from the FBI, black Americans committed 6.3 times as many murders as non-black Americans and 8.1 times as many robberies. According to Pew Research, white adults (who comprise 64% of the US) make up about 30% of the US prison population, while black adults (who comprise 13% of the US) make up about 33% of the US prison population.

The Democratic party routinely downplays the black crime rate or claims it is at least partly justified due to historical mistreatment and racism. Conservatives such as Tucker Carlson have claimed the Democrats are also engaging in a tactic known as “anarcho-tyranny,” which is where the government allows criminals to get off without harsh punishment in order to spread chaos and then seize further control of the productive members of society who are fearful and vulnerable to the violent masses.

Interviewing Tuberville on Tuesday, July 11, Tapper showed the senator footage of him speaking these words and then accused him of racism. Tuberville is a former football coach who says he “dealt” with many non-white people while coaching and is “not a racist” and opposes “any type of racism” whatsoever.

Prior to his confrontation with Tapper, Tuberville had already raised further controversy the day before on CNN after saying that he doesn’t necessarily know whether white nationalists are racist. Instead, Tuberville said that while nationalists seem to just often be people with a different “opinion” than the mainstream. Specifically, Tuberville took issue with CNN host Kaitlan Collins’ idea that white supremacy and white nationalism are the same thing.

Tapper has made frequent accusations of racism in his career, including comments in February of this year where he accused the NFL suffers from systemic racism for not hiring enough black head coaches.

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