CNN Plans Town Hall With Donald Trump, Faces Criticism

( – The CNN network has planned a town hall with former President Donald Trump, which has drawn some criticism from left-leaning political commentators, The Guardian reported. The network had a “difficult” relationship with the former president during his time in office. Media analysts with The Guardian reasoned that the town hall could serve to potentially “goose” both the ratings of CNN and the former president.

Trump is scheduled to return to New Hampshire for the anticipated town hall on May 10 at Saint Anselm College, WMUR 9 ABC reported. CNN Politics announced the upcoming scheduled program on May 2, stating that CNN This Morning anchor Kaltlan Collins will moderate the event, which will broadcast at 9 pm Eastern time on May 10. The 2023 town hall event will be the first time Donald Trump has been invited to appear on CNN since the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Leftist media responded with skepticism about CNN’s offer to host a town hall in New Hampshire with the former president. Chief executive of Media Matters for America Angelo Carusone called the choice “odious” and reflected on it as an attempt to “goose” the ratings of the network, which has seen some decline in recent history.

CNN has made headlines in recent weeks as the network appears to restructure. The network fired television show host Don Lemon after he allegedly was “abusive and sexist” toward fellow members of the CNN staff.

Judd Legum, the author of a newsletter called Popular Information, claimed that CNN had “systematically” purged from its staff anyone that was too opposed to Donald Trump before they planned the town hall, The Guardian reported.

The former president is continuing to push forward his re-election campaign goals despite continued legal scrutiny, CNN Politics reported. Trump faces allegations from the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over claims of business document fraud in the Stormy Daniels payment scandal, a civil lawsuit from New York Attorney General Leticia James, an inquiry from Special Counsel Jack Smith over the events of Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, which Trump had been accused of inciting, and over Trump’s possession of classified documents at his private residence of Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida after leaving office, CNN Politics reported.

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