CNN Host Believes Biden’s Problems “Can’t Be Fixed”

( – A recent poll from CNN spells out the bottom line that President Joe Biden has to face should he decide to push through a re-election effort next year: Voters are really concerned about his age.

Conducted by SSRS, the poll shows that 61% of voters in general see his presidency negatively, while only a paltry 39% like way Biden is running things. Among Democrats and liberal-leaning voters, 67% said they would like a different presidential candidate from the Democratic party next year, while only the remaining 33% respondents said that they would be okay with another four years of a Biden administration.

The results of the survey are pretty much the norm – the most recent data from FiveThirtyEight, which aggregates polls all over the country, shows President Joe Biden with dismal approval ratings. His disapproval rating stands at 55%, while his approval rating is at 40.1% — numbers that are only slightly better than former president Donald Trump’s ratings for the same period in his presidency.

Slightly more than half of Democratic voters, 56%, said that Biden’s age was a serious concern and would have an adverse impact on his “current level of physical and mental competence.” In relation to this, the president’s “mental competence/sharpness/senility,” “health” and “ability to handle the job/effectiveness”, each had 7% of Democrat-leaning respondents express that they considered these issues as major concerns.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish commented that Biden’s age was likely the most challenging issue he will have to address should he run for the top post at the White House again. And unlike most other issues, there is no dancing around the fact that the president is an octogenarian, and would be 86 years old at the end of a second term. “I don’t know how he can get around that,” he said.

The CNN survey also revealed another dilemma the Democrats have to face – there is no consensus AND poor support for any alternate candidates, if ever. An overwhelming majority of liberal voters – 82% – simply say “just someone besides Joe Biden,” but none of the possible alternatives to Biden that the poll presented to respondents scored more than 3% support.

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