CNN Facing Scrutiny Over Conflicts of Interest

CNN Facing Scrutiny Over Conflicts of Interest

( – Chris Cuomo, host of “Cuomo Prime Time,” is one of CNN’s best-known faces. He’s also the brother of New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has recently found himself embroiled in two separate scandals, one involving allegations of sexual misconduct, the other relating to the apparent cover-up of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

That, by itself, is enough to raise concerns about a conflict of interest. When it emerged last week that Chris had advised Andrew on how to respond publicly to the allegations of sexual assault made against him, CNN suddenly had a full-blown scandal on their hands.

Figures from both inside and outside the news agency have criticized Cuomo, as well as the network itself for failing to take disciplinary action against him. CNN’s Jake Tapper took a firm stand against his colleague on Friday, May 28, saying he had left the network “in a bad spot.” Others have speculated at the specific reprimand Cuomo should face.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s alleged indiscretions could cost him his career. If his brother isn’t careful, the same fate might befall him.

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