CNN Faces Political Backlash Following Trump Town Hall

( – The leadership of the CNN network has come under “fire’” in the wake of the Trump Town Hall meeting, The Washington Post reported. As the network came under fire, show host Anderson Cooper addressed the controversy.

Cooper called out Trump’s comments at the Town Hall and addressed the “deep anger” of those who spoke out against CNN’s Town Hall. Cooper stated that it was “disturbing” to hear Trump speak “highly” about the QAnon protestors, who have been convicted of acts of insurrection.

Anderson likewise commented on Trump’s word choices, “lies” and “continued defamation” of law enforcement associated with the events of January 6, 2021, of E. Jean Carroll, whom he was convicted by a New York jury of “sexually abusing and defaming” and of the moderator Kaitlin Collins. Cooper claimed that Collins had done a good job of attempting to “fact check” the former president, but that, in Cooper’s view, it was “impossible” to completely fact check the former president because of the many statements he made which he claimed were “lies.”

Cooper also commented on the anger for CNN’s Town Hall for “giving Trump” and his “audience” a platform and called out the fact that Trump is the current leading candidate for the 2024 Presidential cycle and that his supporters are “half the country” and “family members and neighbors” of the people who were upset by his comments. Cooper called on CNN viewers not to stay in their “silo” but regardless of what side of the aisle they were on to do something about Trump and “vote” so that he could not return to office.

As CNN addressed the backlash, across liberal media outlets, the criticism scaled up, with The Washington Post calling the Town Hall “disastrous.”

Following the criticism, the talk show The View saw co-host Sunny Hostin go into a “rant” about the Trump Town Hall, Fox News reported.

Trump, meanwhile, took to Truth Social to talk about his rising place in the polls, comparing his growing popularity in the Republican primary polls with Ron DeSantis’ falling hypothetical numbers, which, Trump claimed, were “falling at record levels.”

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