CNN Admits the Truth About Andrew Cuomo

CNN Admits the Truth About Andrew Cuomo

( – The Cuomos are something of an institution in American Liberal politics. Andrew is the Democratic governor of New York (like his dad Mario was), while Chris is one of CNN’s biggest stars. If that sounds to you like it might be the cause of a conflict of interest, well, you might just be right. CNN coverage often seems to have something of a blind spot when it comes to Andrew’s (many) faults and failings.

However, it appears the leftist media giant might be starting to change its tune. On Thursday, January 28, Chris Cillizza wrote an editorial questioning the governor’s performance on COVID-19, with the title suggesting it was “less stellar than it seemed.” Cillizza pointed to the report, recently released by AG Letitia James, which showed the governor’s administration had underreported COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50%.

Chris Cillizza is not the only one who’s found fault with Andrew Cuomo:

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to indicate a new trend of fair and honest reporting from CNN. But it’s possible they’ve at least found they can no longer offer their unflinching support to a leader as prone to disastrous mistakes as Andrew Cuomo.

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