Clarence Thomas Puts Liberal Justice on Blast

( – Justice Clarence Thomas has some harsh words for his Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) colleague Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Thomas’ tough talk appears in his concurrence with the high court’s overturning of an affirmative action precedent in higher education. The new SCOTUS ruling prohibits any institutes of education from making admissions based on racial categories or background, undoing decades of affirmative action precedent across the country.

Writing in his opinion on the ruling, Thomas referred to Jackson almost two dozen times, slamming her as holding a “race-infused” view of the world which sees all black people as “victims.” Thomas added that judging by “racial metrics” is something he “strongly disagrees” with and that it returns to an ignorant and “myopic” view of individuals as being chiefly defined by their ethnic and racial background. Holding nothing back, Thomas stopped just short of openly calling Jackson a racist, saying she is advocating “racial determinism” and stereotyping people of color into a subservient role.

In her own words, Jackson says that those who are against affirmative action are simply in denial and that they refuse to look at the reality of “race-linked disparities” which are partly the result of past injustice and racial discrimination. Her views were echoed by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) of New York, who castigated Thomas as being “profoundly disrespectful.” AOC added that Jackson’s views in support of affirmative action are “grounded in fact” and was a “nuanced critique” of Thomas’ ideologically-motivated and over-generalized polemic.

The recent SCOTUS ruling came as a result of challenges to the admissions procedures at Harvard and the University of North Carolina where affirmative action and ethnic categories are taken into consideration as one part of the admissions process and decision making. Jackson is a relative newcomer to SCOTUS, having been confirmed to the court last year, while Thomas has been a prominent conservative voice on the court since 1991.

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