Cities Grappling With SCOTUS Flag Ruling

Cities Grappling with SCOTUS Flag Ruling

Cities FIGHT Supreme Court in Act of Rebellion!

( – The US Supreme Court has been in the news around the world recently over its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, paving the way for drastic legal changes around abortion. However, that’s not the only divisive decision the nation’s highest court has made in recent months.

On May 2, SCOTUS ruled in favor of a Christian group against the city of Boston, holding that the local government discriminated against the group by refusing to allow the flying of a flag featuring the image of a cross outside its City Hall. The precedent that the ruling set has had a significant influence on the flying of other kinds of flags across the country.

In the Connecticut cities of Bristol and Southington, the local governments have interpreted the SCOTUS verdict to mean only US and state flags may fly on municipal property. Bristol Mayor Jeff Caggiano indicated city officials reached this decision to avoid “freedom of speech violations.”

In the liberal city of La Mesa, California, officials reached the opposite conclusion. Mayor Mark Arapostathis gave the go-ahead for an LGBTQ flag to fly on city property for the month of June. This decision gave rise to questions at council meetings as to whether the flag was appropriate in the context of the SCOTUS verdict, and whether it left the city of La Mesa vulnerable to litigation.

Where do you stand on this debate?

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