Chinese Nationals Spotted At The Border

( – A rising number of Russian and Chinese nationals have been seen at the U.S. Southern Border, spiking concern in the U.S. government.

Since early 2023, media reports have confirmed a growing number of Chinese nationals attempting to enter the United States through the congested U.S. Southern Border. In April, U.S. Border Protection agents reported the same.

U.S. concerns about Chinese national entry into the United States have been provoked by reports coming in from a variety of sources. Some press reports claim that the migrants are being “guided” into the United States by the popular TikTok video app. The migrants are seeking to escape government oppression in China as well as better economic opportunities. Chinese national migrants have been seen entering the United States on foot.

Ian Johnson, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, told reporters with NBC News that Chinese nationals may no longer feel they have any options in China. Johnson described these migrants escaping, finding a way “by hook” or “by crook” to get out of China and make for what they hope to be a better life. For this reason, a so-called “boom” of migrants has appeared at the U.S. Southern Border, long stretch that is already experiencing an immigration crisis. 

U.S. worries about Chinese aggression and infiltration are not restricted just to human migration; officials worry about the activities of Chinese nationals and Chinese state-linked entities operating in the United States already. Earlier this year, a Chinese surveillance balloon was spotted in U.S. airspace above Billings, Montana. The balloon, which departed from Hainan Island, China, floated over the United States before U.S. armed services shot it down in the Atlantic Ocean.

As concern about Chinese state-linked interference and misuse of American data grew, Congress compelled the CEO of TikTok to appear before lawmakers to answer questions about how the Chinese-owned entity used American data. The U.S. wants to know whether TikTok, owned by the Chinese Communist Party-linked entity ByteDance, was compelled under Chinese regime surveillance law to surrender data it gathered to the Chinese intelligence agency.

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