China Vows to Protect Iran Nuclear Deal in Disturbing Alliance

China Vows To Protect Iran Nuclear Deal In Disturbing Alliance

( – America’s foreign policy challenges have quickly stacked up over the last couple of weeks. Russia took offense last week at President Joe Biden’s agreement with a reporter’s assessment of Vladimir Putin as a “killer.” The former Soviet country called their US ambassador back to Moscow as a result. Then, North Korea launched two test missiles into Japanese waters earlier this week in the first military action of its type since Biden entered the White House. Now, two more of America’s foreign rivals appear to have teamed up.

China Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal

On Thursday, March 25, China’s commerce ministry announced the country would make efforts to protect the nuclear deal with Iran. Reuters reported sources recently said that Iran has indirectly shipped large quantities of crude oil into China over the last few months.

Former President Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018, reimposing harsh economic sanctions on the Middle Eastern nation. However, President Biden has indicated he would consider rejoining the deal. This would grant new economic freedom to Iran, which could be dangerous in the context of their nuclear ambitions.

While the deal forbade Iran from developing nuclear weapons, there was concern that the country would end up producing them anyway.

China-Iran Relations

This is not the first indication of an alliance between China and Iran. Last August, a document was leaked which indicated the two powers had agreed to a strategic partnership, including an agreement to co-operate on security policy. Given the antagonistic relationship both nations have with the United States, this was a major cause for concern.

Another facet of this relationship revolves around China’s Belt & Road Initiative. A number of the infrastructure projects proposed under the initiative will benefit Iran, such as the construction of a high-speed rail network in Iran that was announced in 2016.

China’s Expanded Global Influence

Of course, this generosity from China isn’t just altruism. Projects like this serve to strengthen strategic and economic alliances for the Communist giant. The Belt & Road Initiative would place China at the heart of a new commercial world, which could have obvious drawbacks for both the US and European powers.

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